Mathildas Hundar


Happy New Year!
At this moment I'm at a resturant in Berlin together with my boyfriend and our friends. We have had a couple of drinks and we are now eating a juicy steak.  We are surronded by a lot of happy people, music are flowing out of the speakers and the sky is filled with fireworks. This will probably be a night to remember!

2012 will be a good year! Happy New Year! Take care of your loved ones and enjoy each other!

I hope your dogs don't suffer to much this night...

Love Mathilda


Detsamma! :D

2012-01-02 @ 18:09:09

Happy new year !

Only one of my dogs stressed alittle when he heard fireworks. He was comforted by the kitty <3

2012-01-03 @ 21:46:55
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