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I need to learn polish!

I got quite surprised when I had a look at my live traffic feed and saw that I have had a lot of polish readers today! You are almost as many as my swedish readers... That's fun! Welcome!

After some research I found out that Marget had linked to my blog and that's the reason for nem polish readers :) Thank you!

So I thought if you are almost as many as my swedish readers, it would be fun to speak some polish with you!

Learn me some words? :) How do you say dog? Sit? Hello?

Then I might be able to talk polish to Sara? What do you think? ;)

#1: Daga

Hi Mathilda, there is no problem - I'm polish language professional teacher, even if I don't do thi now - I had ended Polish Philology. So we can start. You learn me swedish I help You in polish :)

Dog - pies (p'es)

hello - cześć (tses't')

sit - siad (s'ad)

2011-12-09 @ 18:27:47
#2: Mathilda

That's perfect! Heres some swedish words:

Dog - Hund

Hello - Hej

Sit - Sitt

You say "sitt" just as you say "sit" in english and you say "hej" just as in english "hey".

2011-12-11 @ 14:03:01
#3: Daga

So part II:

- puppy - szczenię - sz like english sh, cz like ch - sce'ne

- lay down - waruj - varui

- stay - stój - stui

- good bye - do vidzen'a

- Christmas - Boże Narodzenie = boze narodzen'e

- Merry Christmas - Wesołych Świąt - vesowyh sw'ont

2011-12-11 @ 21:13:54
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