Mathildas Hundar


Helsinki Finland Domare: Hans Almgren 24 Juli 2011
This weekend mum and dad had a trip oversea to Finland. Mum showed her sweetheart Farmarens Hallo Dollie "Dollie" to 2nd Best Bitch with CC and R-Cacib and then mum showed Ramsgrove Borkason "Scott" to BOB with CC and Cacib. In the group final Scott was among the 7 best but without placement. Both Dollie and Scott became Finish Champions!

Here's some pictures from the show:

NO SE NO V-09 Ramsgrove Borkason "Scott" (GB SE NO FI CH Diotima Sea Wolf At Ramsgrove x Farmarens Essential For Ramsgrove) won CC CACIB BOB at a show in Helsinki Finland. BOS CACIB went to FI CH FI V-10 Bristregal Queen Of Regal. Judge Hans Almgren.

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