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Extreme makeover: Cleo
Yesterday I made up my mind and decided that Cleo needed a haircut! There is no snow and it's not that cold outside so she doesn't need her coat. In this wet weather the coat is more as a sponge than anything else...

So this is a shaggy Cleo before the haircut:

She is a good girl and lays still on the floor, while I'm preparing the trimmer.

Work in progress...

And this is how she looked when I was halfway through:
I considered if I would leave her like this but realised that the other dogs probably would mob her...

So this is her final look:
Much better, don't you think?

I see now that I need to trim her nose better...

Usually I trim the coat around the ear more, but this time I wanted it to be longer. I think it makes her look more like a lady :)

There was a lot of coat, it filled the whole bucket!

And she got a troll tail! :D


Fin hon blev :)

2011-11-28 @ 22:05:22
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