Mathildas Hundar


Wanted: Cute, willing Beardie bitch in season

Svea is in heat and Florian is very much aware of it. He whines and walks constantly towards and back. Our walks isn't as peaceful as they once were. I have to put a halter on him to manage him. He acts like a stallion and rears trying to come closer to Svea.

Svea is very tierd of him and even Cleo is, even tough she isn't the one that are in heat. Both of them growls at the sight of him.

Florian is feeling very sad for himself tough no one wants to be mated.

So please if you have a cute, willing Beardie bitch in heat, you are very welcome! Florians life would be much better... ;)

Handsome, huh?

#1: Daga

My Rosie has season :)

2011-09-09 @ 20:50:08
#2: Mathilda

Florian would be very happy to mate her :)

2011-09-09 @ 21:29:47
#3: Daga

Rosie send kisses :).

2011-09-10 @ 08:20:39
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