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Otterhound - an endangered specie
Britain's rarest breed of dog - which is more endangered than the giant panda and the white rhino - could have been saved after 19 puppies were born this month.

Just 20 British Otterhounds were born in the UK during the whole of last year so the arrival of the pups - born into two litters to owner Maria Lerego in Ledbury, Herefordshire, - has provided a vital lifeline to the dying breed.

There are less than 1,000 Otterhounds left in the world and about 300 of those are in Britain.

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I and Linnéa have met two otterhounds, Kella and Trusty, both owned by Wendy Hines. My opinion about the breed is that it is a very loving and kind breed with a lot of humor. When we visited Wendy and Ken last summer we bath, groomed and show trained the otterhound puppy Kella. Well what can I say? It wasn't the easiest thing I have done! But it was definitley one of the funniest! Kella was a puppy in mind but had a body of an giant ;)

I think it's sad that the breed is endangered and I would like to see some Otterhounds in Sweden!

This is the beautiful otterhound puppy Kella:

#1: Tina

Tycker dem är jättefina, ska läsa lite om dem!!

En fråga bara, hämtade inte ni en hund på Arlanda för ett bra tag sedan? Missade jag vad det var för någon? Eller den är fortfarande hemlig?

2012-04-01 @ 22:47:39
#2: Christina

Tycker dom är jättefina!

2012-04-02 @ 15:17:30
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