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I'm alive!

Our trip to Berlin has been exciting and we have had a lot of fun! We have seen all beautiful and famous buildings together together with a whole lot of other turists. We went to the zoo and had a look at the beautiful animals. We ate a lot of good food, drank some wine and enjoyed our company. At New Years Eve the city of Berlin looked more like an war zone than a beautiful city. Drunk people and fireworks, are not a good combination...

All I could think of was the poor dogs that must have suffered that night and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw people walking around with their terrified dogs in the mittle of the crowd of people and fireworks. Some people just don't have a brain...

Well enough talking about that. I'm home and I'm about to go to sleep with a bucket beside my bed. I have eaten chinese food today and I'm starting to think that it wasn't of the best quality... Yeah.. And that must have been interesting facts for you to know... ;)

Tomorrow, I need to groom the dogs and Florian is going to the vet. He needs to get his injections before our trip to Estonia and a certificate according to his tooth that he now has lost totaly.

That's everything from me!

Have a good night! (I'm not so sure if my night will be that good...)

#1: Malin

Underbart fina hundar du har! =)

2012-01-03 @ 11:03:34
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