Mathildas Hundar


Oh, what a beautiful home...

There have been times when we have invited guests to our home and as soon as they step inside they get a slightly surprised look and burst out: - Oh, what a beautiful home, even though you have dogs!

And I can't help to think: How do people think that dogowners live? In a hog-pen or what?

Even though you have a dog, you can still have a beautiful, clean and modern home! Just because a dog lives in your home, it doesn't have to show!

I want to live with my dogs as if they would be a familiy member. But, they can't take over my home. Even though they are a familiy member they are not aloud to sleep in our bed, watch TV in the sofa and they are not eating with us at the table. And why is that? Because they are a dog! Not a human being. As simple as that.

They won't be hurt if they has to eat from their own bowl instead of eating at the table or if they have to sleep in their own bed instead of ours.

If it is bad weather and the dogs are muddy or wet I either let them dry in the hall and then I vacuum the dirt that has fallen to the floor or I wash their paws and let them dry in the bathroom. It depends on how muddy they are.

I spend much time grooming my dogs so they won't get any mats and shed as much hair.

And of course I vacuum a lot more than the non-dogowners.

I hate the feeling of sand under my feet, the sight of dust and hair in the corners and the smell of dog. So I try to keep it as clean as possible, but I don't cry when I get a hair shaft at my clothes. I simply brush it away.

When you have a dog, you will have to clean a little bit more, but hey, it's worth it!

How do you live with your dog? Do you clean a little bit more or do you live with the dirt? ;)

Florian is happy in his own bed :)

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